Miles Davis stands as one of the most influential and important artists in the history of jazz. A unique trumpet stylist, Miles' interpretations of jazz standards are invariably the definitive performances and his original themes are often simple yet ingenious. As a small group bandleader he was without peer, creating one classic line-up after another and discovering several generations of important talents.

A saxophonist with a serious Miles Davis obsession, Ross Lawson had long wanted to form a tribute band to his musical hero. Along with trumpeter Andy Suett, Ross set about recruiting a band that would be able to not only emulate Miles bands of the fifties and sixties but add their own creativity. They found an astonishing 15 year old piano virtuouso, Chris Neill. Chris brought along another startling young musician, drummer Josh Law. The band, after a year of gigging, now have a new trumpet player, Chris Storey, who brings the questing spirit of Miles to his improvisations, while Ross recalls the firey playing of Coltrane and Shorter. The newest member of the group is bassist Matt Lowrie.

Lawson's charts for the band follow the originals faithfully, yet are open enough to enable the band to create their own variations on Miles' rich musical legacy. Formed in April 2009, the band are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the Essex jazz circuit. Watch this space!